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Explore a suite of AI services designed to revolutionize your operations: From analytics to automation, we power your path to innovation.
Services we offer
Whether you're in need of Data Services or AI solutions, within the vast universe of Galaksiya, you will find a tailored solution for your operational needs.
Data Services
Under our Data Services umbrella, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to unlock the full potential of your data.
AI Engineering
Our AI engineering services include data collection, algorithm development, model training, deployment, and ongoing support.
Ops Engineering
Galaksiya's Operational Services are the backbone of your data-driven journey, providing the infrastructure and expertise needed for seamless operations.
Platforms we made
Discover our robust AI platforms: Tailored, scalable solutions empowering businesses to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence technology seamlessly.
Deepin - Data Marketplace
Deepin is the next-generation marketplace platform for the data ecosystem. By providing easy access to both data providers and buyers, it makes data trading more accessible.
FinTwin - Generative AI
FinTwin is your comprehensive solution for developing secure and safe Language Model (LLM) applications and agents powered by state-of-the-art generative AI technology.
Earli - AutoML
With Earli, you can effortlessly build sophisticated AI models without writing a single line of code, all while ensuring smooth collaboration between data science teams and IT operations.
Our Proud Customers
Join our thriving community of satisfied customers: Experience unparalleled AI solutions tailored to your unique needs and ambitions